Singular Pronouns Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Tackle this Singular Pronouns Worksheet by filling in the blanks with the appropriate pronouns. Use these exercises to test and enhance your knowledge on this grammar topic to ensure you write correctly.


For each of the examples below, fill in the blank with a singular pronoun. Please note that in some cases more than one singular pronoun can correctly fill in the blank, and some exercises have more than one missing pronoun.

  • ________ helped her mother bake the birthday cake.

  • The note was addressed to both ________ and ________.

  • Did Morgan finish ________ movie, or is ________ still watching ________?

  • ________ car is newer than Alex’s.

  • When ________ kicked the ball, ________ sailed through the goal posts.

  • Carolyn is not sure what ________ should wear, but ________ is leaning toward the black dress, as ________ is rather slimming.

  • ________ bedroom looks much more acceptable after ________ spent all afternoon cleaning ________.

  • The idea was not ________, but ________ did support ________ as soon as the suggestion was made.

  • ________ introduced the new employee, Rob, to the office staff; hopefully, ________ fits in well with the eclectic personalities.

  • ________ are taught from an early age that ________ must obey ________ parents.