Avoiding Shifts in Verb Tense Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Test your grammar know-how with this Avoiding Shifts in Verb Tense Worksheet. The exercises ensure you recognize shifts between the nine most common verb tenses to ensure your writing is consistent while maintaining the same tense.


For each of the following exercises, circle any verbs that create a shift in verb tense from the tense that is first established in the sentence, and write the correct tense of the verb below the sentence. For example, if the sentence starts in present tense, assume the rest of the sentence should stay in present tense, and circle any verbs that do not maintain that tense in the remainder of the sentence.

  • When he kicked the ball into the net, the fans go wild.

  • Yesterday, Rebecca was told to remove her wet boots before she enters the kitchen, but she walks in without removing them anyway.

  • When you have the chance to see Ronny for yourself, you should have seen that I do not exaggerate about the amount of weight he had lost.

  • I started writing my thesis four weeks ago, but I am finishing it right before class last night despite my early preparation.

  • Every morning when the alarm clock rings, I yawned, stretched and roll over for an extra five minutes of sleep.

  • By the time Christopher Columbus sighted land, most of the crew lost all hope of survival.

  • Muriel likes to display the porcelain teacups she has collected each year on vacation.

  • Kelsey had arrived too late to join the other guests in shouting, “Surprise!” when she attends the birthday party.

  • Katie will plan a trip to visit the Museum of Natural History next weekend so that she attended a lecture about the healing powers of snake venom.

  • By the time Chad is finished cramming for finals, he studied for seven hours.