Prepositions for Time, Place and Introducing Objects Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Try this Prepositions for Time, Place and Introducing Objects Worksheet to test your grammar skills. Exercises ask you to fill in the blank before identifying whether the propositions you provide introduce time, place or an object.


For each of the examples below, fill in the blank with a preposition, and note underneath the sentence whether the preposition is one of time, one of place or one that introduces an object.

  • Serena intends ____________ participate in the volunteer leaf-raking event this weekend.

  • Her birthday is ____________ the 29th of February, so does that mean she only has a birthday once every four years?

  • While ____________ vacation, the Maki’s intend ____________ visit as many museums as possible.

  • ____________ 1871, the fire ____________ Chicago killed hundreds ____________ people and destroyed a little ____________ three square miles ____________ property.

  • The retired couple has lived ____________ Florida ____________ roughly 10 years.

  • Please try ____________ arrive ____________ time tomorrow; today I waited ____________ you ____________ almost an hour.

  • Thankfully, I should finish this project ____________ the end ____________ next week.

  • ____________ the dance I go when I am ____________ friends, but generally, I do not enjoy dancing.

  • ____________ the two performances, the actors took a much-needed break.

  • ____________ the conclusions, it is safe ____________ assume that the hypothesis is incorrect.