Passive Voice Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Passive Voice Worksheet to test your ability to change a sentence from the active to the passive voice. The exercises have you rewrite each sentence using proper grammar for the passive voice.


For each of the exercises below, the sentence is given in the active voice. Rewrite each sentence so that it is in the passive voice.

  • They grew corn, cucumbers and tomatoes.

  • A whale ate Jonah while he was in the sea.

  • They make decorative fans in China.

  • The Panama Canal took 34 years to build.

  • Has Sharon cleaned the bathroom yet?

  • The Smiths’ sent her an invitation.

  • The owner asked Sandra to exit through the back door.

  • The airline usually serves lunch on the plane.

  • The criminal received a $450 fine.

  • The testing committee releases the scores next week.