Linking Verbs Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Test your verb knowledge with this Linking Verbs Worksheet. Ten exercises ask you to distinguish between linking and action verbs to improve your grammar skills when it comes to using this part of speech correctly.


For each sentences in the below examples, determine if the verb in parentheses is a linking verb or an action verb, and underline any that are linking verbs.

  • Dr. Jekyll (is) the name of the scientist, not the monster he creates.

  • The world-renowned chef (tasted) all the entries for the best burger before making a decision on which was the best.

  • The chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter frosting (tastes) absolutely fantastic.

  • After watching the Fear Factor contestants chug blended duck eggs that were ready to hatch, my sister (turned) very green.

  • Her nephew (is) adorable when he eats because he must (smell) every bite prior to putting it in his mouth.

  • The chili that won the cooking competition (smells) far too spicy for my palate.

  • Even though he only served a partial term before his assassination, John F. Kennedy (was) one of the United States’ most-loved presidents.

  • Rachel (was) rather annoyed because her brother (turns) the channel too often when they watch TV.

  • My spices always (grow) much faster when I have the small, potted plants in the window.

  • Her neighbor’s dog still (smells) terrible even though two weeks have passed since it was sprayed by a skunk.