Interrogative Pronouns Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Interrogative Pronouns Worksheet to test your knowledge of the five pronouns of this type correctly, ensuring you always use excellent grammar. The exercises are designed to allow you to write in the correct pronoun within the given context.


For each of the sentences in the examples below, fill in the blank with the appropriate interrogative pronoun.

  • ____________ of the Lord of the Rings movies is your favorite?

  • To ____________ should Riley address the package?

  • You must tell me ____________ would you prefer to do this weekend – go to the movies or try to catch a play?

  • ____________ is that hunky guy that started coming into the store several weeks ago?

  • Does anyone know ____________ essay was handed in without their name and the essay title?

  • That was delicious; ____________ is in the sauce for the chicken?

  • Do you know ____________ one of the dancers was the one who studied at the New York ballet school?

  • My cat’s name is Bullwinkle; ____________ is your goldfish’s name?

  • ____________ Super Bowl party are we attending this year?

  • There are so many vehicles outside the store, so how do I know ____________ is yours?