Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet to test your ability to choose the correct pronoun while ensuring proper grammar through subject/verb agreement and pronoun/antecedent agreement. These exercises require you to fill in the blank in each sentence.


For each of the following exercises, fill in the blanks with an indefinite pronoun that completes the sentence. For some sentences, more than one indefinite pronoun can correctly complete the sentence; however, you only need to identify one.

  • When you make a mistake, it’s important to remember that ___________ is perfect!

  • I thought I had stumbled upon ___________ interesting while tilling my garden; however, it was just an old, empty tin that ___________ had buried.

  • Whenever something goes wrong in Candy’s house, she is the first one ___________ looks at to place blame. Usually though, she has done ___________ wrong.

  • Callie isn’t sure where she wants to go for vacation. She just prefers ___________ that is warmer than where she lives now, even if the location receives ___________ rain.

  • The speaker didn’t have ___________ of value to say; in fact, most of what she said was pure gibberish to ___________ with a even a small amount of knowledge on the topic. ___________ in attendance would agree as well.

  • There is nothing better than coming inside from under the beating rays of the sun to ___________ ice cold an refreshing to drink. Well, it can’t hurt if that same drink is served by ___________ island cabana boy.

  • Angie’s wedding could not have gone smoother; absolutely ___________ went exactly as planned, and ___________ of the guests had a blast.

  • If you are lying to me, I am relentless; I am not above searching ___________ for you until there is ___________ left for you to hide.

  • We ___________ tried ___________ to save the dog that was hit by a car. Sadly, our efforts were not enough.

  • ___________ is the way of life. Nothing is perfect, so assuming that ___________ you expect to happen doesn’t, you shouldn’t let yourself get upset over it.