First Person Pronouns Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Utilize this First Person Pronouns Worksheet to help in understanding the difference between subjective and objective pronouns. These exercises ask you to identify the type of first person pronoun used and to select the proper pronoun to maintain perfect grammar with each sentence.


For each of the examples below, choose the correct pronoun by determining whether each is a subjective pronoun (I, we) or an objective one (me, us). Circle the pronoun that makes each sentence grammatically correct.

  • If you are anything like (I/me), you guzzle down at least a few cups of coffee before you truly wake up in the morning.

  • Kenneth and (I/me) plan on heading into the city for some shopping this weekend.

  • When (we, us) newbies stick together, the transition is much easier as each of (we/us) can rely on one another.

  • I was not sure if she wanted (I/me) to attend the meeting, but (I/me) am probably one of the most informed on the matter at hand.

  • (We/Us) Black-Friday regulars know the ins and outs of snagging all the best deals, which saves our Christmas budgets.

  • Before I managed to crawl out of bed, my boyfriend brought a cup of steaming coffee to (I/me).

  • Our clients asked if (we/us) could make our price signs larger to ensure there was no confusion over the prices.

  • Given all that we have accomplished together, Sandra and (I, me) work very well as a team.

  • The police officer did not seem very happy to assist (we/us) in finding our dog, but he helped (we/us) nonetheless.

  • Whenever (I/me) argue with my best friends, (I/me) feel out of sorts until (we/us) are over the argument.