Ending a Sentence with a Preposition Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Practice proper grammar with this Ending a Sentence with a Preposition Worksheet with exercises that help you recognize when this part of speech appears at the end of the sentence. Use it as a tool to practice rewriting or rewording sentences, so they do not end with a preposition.


Correct each example below by rephrasing/rewording each sentence so that it does not end with a preposition.

  • The children love to play outside.

  • The girl in the blue shirt is the one I played against.

  • You can easily find the right shoe style regardless of what size you are looking for.

  • When two people first start dating, they generally have much to talk about.

  • If you do not finish all the questions by the end of the testing period, please still set your pencils down.

  • When something is outside your budget, you might just have to go without.

  • It was Stephanie’s alarm that kept going off.

  • Regardless of how fast my mom was driving, it still felt as though we were simply crawling forward.

  • While the family was religious about preparing for any emergency situation, the unexpected collapse of the roof of their home was something they had not thought of.

  • Your determination and drive can take you anywhere you want them to.