Double Negatives Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Double Negatives Worksheet to test your grammar skills by omitting any double negatives. The exercises ask you to identify and correct any double negatives present in each sentence by rewriting the sentence.


In each of the examples below, revise each sentence to fix any double negatives that are present.

  • While walking out the door, Kyle did not lock no doors.

  • The other girls in Kennedy’s class don’t never seem interested in joining her study group.

  • Kara did not go nowhere during her time off from work.

  • A tiny bite or small piece of chocolate cake will not do no damage to your dieting efforts.

  • I remember how when I was a young child I could not hardly wait for Christmas morning.

  • Caleb was not unhappy with the results of his math test.

  • Just because Kylie cannot decide what she wants to give up does not mean she don’t want to give up nothing.

  • Kathy has not done no cleaning since before the baby was born.

  • The doctor would not give nothing to patients he had not seen before that were asking for prescriptions.

  • Kenneth was not unhappy with the results of the experiment.