Defining Clauses Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Check out this Defining Clauses Worksheet to make sure you know when a clause is necessary to maintain meaning. The exercises require you to rewrite sentences using proper grammar into one sentence while creating a defining clause in the new sentence.


Original sentences:
My cat is finicky. My cat prowls the kitchen waiting for food. (Assume there is more than one cat).
Rewritten sentence:
My cat that is finicky prowls the kitchen waiting for food before its housemates realize it’s time to eat.

  • The dancer focuses on ballet. The dancer is in her third year at The Julliard School.

  • Her mother is a doctor. Her mother believes in focusing on quality patient care.

  • The sofa is a dark chocolate color. The sofa has a pull-out bed to accommodate guests.

  • She ate the cream of broccoli soup. She made the cream of broccoli soup.

  • Zack is wearing a baseball cap. Zack’s baseball cap is a Green Bay Packer’s one.

  • The artist focuses on the Renaissance period. The artist paints every afternoon for several hours.

  • The car is a speedster. The car is cherry red and full of flash.

  • The coffee was a rich, hazelnut flavor. The coffee tempted me with its delectable aroma.

  • The janitor usually works in the evenings. The janitor is often found dancing around the building as he jams to favorite tunes while working.

  • The snowstorm was not in the forecast for yesterday. The snowstorm dropped 12″ of heavy, wet snow, making travel difficult and treacherous.