Correlative Conjunctions Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Test your knowledge with this Correlative Conjunctions Worksheet with two different types of exercises. One asks you to provide the correct correlative pair in a given sentence; the other has you combine sentences using correlative conjunctions while maintaining correct grammar with parallel structure, subject/verb agreement and pronoun/antecedent agreement.


For exercises 1-5, fill in the blanks with suitable correlative conjunction pairs. For exercises 6-10, use correlative conjunctions pairs to form one sentence from the information provided in the two given. Reword as necessary to form a complete thought, but remember to make sure that the connected words, phrases or clauses are grammatically equal and maintain parallel structure, pronoun agreement and verb agreement.

  • __________ did she forget her mother’s birthday, __________ she forgot to call on Mother’s Day. Hiking through the mountains, along the river bed and over dry, rough terrain are all excursions she enjoys.

  • __________ show up at the scheduled time, __________ skip the session for this week to avoid wasting your time.

  • __________ Sidney wants to join the group, __________ she does not want to join it.

  • Sandra excels __________ at basketball __________ at volleyball.

  • Her lack of attention to detail shows that she __________ cared __________ tried to give it her best effort.

  • Penny may take her vacation July. Penny may take her vacation in August.

  • Winter days are short. The weather in the winter is cold.

  • Shannon fell during the dancing recital. Shannon did not suffer any serious injuries.

  • Stacey is an excellent writer. She struggles with editing, though.

  • Tom Brady played college football at the University of Michigan as offensive player. Charles Woodson played college football at the University of Michigan as a defensive player.