Commonly Confused Verbs Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Test your knowledge with this Commonly Confused Verbs Worksheet. Exercises ask you to select the correct word with an option to rewrite the sentence using the verbs in different sentences to ensure your grammar always stays top notch.


In each of the examples below, circle the correct verb(s) in each sentence. For extra practice in recognizing the correct present tense, past tense and past participle of each confusing verb, try rewriting the sentence in the two tenses in which the sentence is not written. For example, if a sentence is written in the present tense, rewrite it using both the past tense and the past participle form of the confusing verb.

  • I meant to (lie/lay) the book on the end table for you, but I must have returned it to the bookshelf.

  • All Kathy did all day was (lie/lay) around while she waited for an important phone call.

  • Kelly’s dog (lay/laid) down in his new bed for a while, but by the time it was dark last night, he was back in bed with her.

  • Whenever Kierra is at someone’s house as a guest, she always (sits/sets) her drink on a coaster.

  • I could not wait to (sit/set) my body down into the luxurious softness of the beckoning recliner.

  • Kim’s ice cream shake (sat/set) on the counter while her hair was (sitting/setting), so it melted.

  • The price of gasoline seems to constantly (rise/raise).

  • In yesterday’s class, the overachieving students (rose/raised) their hands to answer far too many questions when the teacher asked for the correct answers.

  • The sun had (risen/raised), so the camper in charge of (rising/raising) the flag knew that it was time to do so.

  • Even though most of the campers could have (laid/lay) their head down and gone back to sleep, most trudged into the meeting hall and (sat, set) down, a few even (rose/raised) their hands to ask questions.