Collective Nouns Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Utilize this Collective Nouns Worksheet to test your ability to recognize this type of noun. The exercises have you identify collective nouns that refer to the subject of the sentence in each individual exercise. The ability to recognize collective nouns and ensure proper grammar in your sentences is important.


For each of the following exercises, circle the collective noun that is describing the subject or noun in each sentence.

  • A pack of wolves ran through the open terrain searching for food.

  • The hive of bees in my backyard spent the winter in dead plants that provided it shelter.

  • I watched a school of fish swim in perfect unison.

  • The basketball team is trying hard to win the championship game.

  • With a variety of bright, fun colors available, this collection of comforters and bedspreads let you express your personality with festive decor.

  • It seemed rather late in the year for this, but I watched as a flight of geese started heading south to spend the winter.

  • A convoy of trucks carried supplies to the devastated area despite the treacherous condition of the roads.

  • A group of actors rehearsed in the theater before opening night. The performance seemed worthy of a good show once the play opens.

  • A bunch of chrysanthemums grew along the road to my house this fall, so decorating the house with fresh flowers was relatively easy.

  • Even though a firm of lawyers represented the death-row inmate, the chance of an appeal at the midnight hour was highly unlikely.