Clauses and Phrases Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Tackle this Clauses and Phrases Worksheet to brush up on your grammar skills by fostering the ability to recognize both clauses and phrases. The exercises have you identify both clauses and phrases in each of the 10 sentences.


For each of the following exercises, draw a circle around any phrases within each sentence. Likewise, underline any clauses within each sentence. Some phrases are nestled within a clause, so sections of some sentences may have both a circle around them and a line underneath them.

  • The singer who won the competition was born in England.

  • Planning her trip frugally, Maria was able to take a vacation with a very small budget.

  • Shawn won the singing contest because his vocals were flawless.

  • The examples given by the professor were not an accurate representation of reality; real life does not always follow theories and guidelines.

  • During her senior year of college, Torrey discovered what it meant to fall in love.

  • Every student in the class, recognizing the signs of the professor’s anger, glanced to the floor waiting for the outburst to occur.

  • The best place for pizza is in the heart of Chicago, where Chicago-style pizza is abundantly available and delectably delicious.

  • Despite hearing several explanations, I am still not sure why Paul did what he did.

  • Candice, who is known for her skills in the kitchen, baked the best peanut butter cookies I have ever tasted.

  • Whenever Mike walks through the door, his dog, Colby Jack, jumps on him as if many days have passed since they saw each other.