Articles Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Articles Worksheet to strengthen your usage of articles to ensure everything you write has proper grammar. Ten exercises have you identify which is the correct article, with more than one correct choice proving correct in some instances.


For each of the following exercises, choose the correct article to complete the sentence by circling your choice from the selections in parentheses. Some sentences may work with either type of article, but make sure to keep in mind the difference between definite or indefinite articles.

  • Susan prefers (a/an/the) more modern home than (a/an/the) Victorian-style one on (a/an/the) corner of her block.

  • While many speedometers have (a/an/the) ability to exceed 120 (a/an/the) hour, that does not mean that anyone should drive that fast!

  • Do you have (a/an/the) flash drive I let you use yesterday? There’s (a/an/the) file I really need on it to prepare for (a/an/the) physics exam.

  • Beth’s mother has worked as (a/an/the) accountant at (a/an/the) same firm since she graduated with her degree.

  • Broccoli is only $0.49 per pound! What (a/an/the) deal; I must go buy (a/an/the) bunch or two to make (a/an/the) chicken broccoli you love so much for dinner.

  • (A/An/The) terrible headache kept me awake late into (a/an/the) night. Perhaps I should’ve taken (a/an/the) pain reliever earlier.

  • French toast and maple sausage links make (a/an/the) best breakfast on (a/an/the) rainy or chilly day.

  • Whenever you complete (a/an/the) current project, you have (a/an/the) entire day free to do whatever you like.

  • (A/An/The) Radisson Hotel is on (a/an/the) corner of 32nd street right next to (a/an/the) similar hotel and (a/an/the) Chinese restaurant.

  • While most children love (a/an/the) sweet treat whenever they are permitted to have one, my children almost always choose (a/an/the) healthier option when it’s available, even if it is (a/an/the) bowl of oatmeal or (a/an/the) apple.