Appositives Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Check out this Appositives Worksheet with exercises that ask you to underline any appositives that provide extra information. Each exercise requires proper grammar, including any punctuation necessary for each appositive identified.


In each of the exercises below, underline any appositives in each sentence, and add any appropriate commas when they are necessary.

  • Lori watched a movie “J. Edgar” last night.

  • Lenny was shocked to see his ex-girlfriend Jenny walk through the door at his parents’ restaurant.

  • When she walked down the steps wearing the dress a shimmering little black number everyone in the room held their breath.

  • One of Wendy’s cats Tabatha has been sick for several weeks.

  • Trish the girl with the bright red tennis shoes always insists on wearing loud colors to make a fashion statement.

  • Her favorite professor a skilled shooter and defensive player won the student-faculty game for the faculty.

  • Shondra’s goal obtaining her nursing degree comes to fruition at the end of this semester.

  • The crowd continued to offer cheers of appreciation long after the curtains closed on Chris the star of the show on every night since it had opened several weeks ago.

  • Looking much like a flower wilting Sarah’s hairdo was completely ruined by the pounding rain from the storm.

  • My sister’s car the messiest of which I have ever seen is full of candy wrappers, empty soda cans, sandwich wrappers and much, much more.