Adjectives vs. Adverbs Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Test your grammar with this Adjectives vs. Adverbs Worksheet by enhancing your ability to recognize both of these parts of speech. The exercises ask you to identify whether an indicated word or words are adjectives or adverbs in the context of each sentence.


For each of the following exercises, identify whether the word in all capital letters is an adjective or an adverb. Some sentences may contain both an adjective and an adverb. Circle any adjectives or adverbs that are not in all capital letters in each sentence.

  • Betty is SOMEWHAT undecided about her boyfriend attending the bachelor party in Las Vegas this weekend.

  • The doctor on the TV series “House” deals with diagnosing and treating MYSTERIOUS illnesses and diseases.

  • I’m positive I hung my keys on the hook by the door last night, but they INEXPLICABLY disappeared.

  • Bob has an EARLY start tomorrow; his plane leaves at 5:08 a.m. central time.

  • Whenever we shop at the mall, I cannot resist picking up some CHOCOLATEY, PEANUT BUTTERY goodies from the candy store.

  • The branch fell from the tree JUST as I stepped off the sidewalk; I’m lucky it did not fall on my unsuspecting head!

  • With the playoffs approaching, the team practices VERY HARD every day.

  • The RUSTIC appeal of the cedar chest makes it the perfect addition to a COUNTRY home or cottage.

  • The couple down the street always greets new residents on the street to offer a little NEIGHBORLY advice about the town and what it expects of people living in the community.

  • The moonlight is EXTREMELY LUMINESCENT this evening; a full moon is probably JUST a few days from occurring.