Active Voice Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Test your grammar with this Active Voice Worksheet with 10 exercises that require you to rewrite a sentence. Improve your ability to write in the active voice by changing sentences from the passive to the active voice.


In each of the exercises below, the sentence is written in passive voice. Rewrite each sentence so that is it in the active voice.

  • The tests are under review by the committee.

  • Before the floor is refinished, the rug is torn up first.

  • The pedestrian was struck by a moving vehicle.

  • The software was installed by a contractor.

  • The computer was purchased and setup by the in-house IT department.

  • The game was won by the team that was not expected to succeed.

  • A winning season is expected by the entire coaching staff.

  • Many people from my town are employed by the company.

  • They were sent an invitation from the parents of the bride.

  • Her love of cheeseburgers, French fries and pizza is shared by most of her siblings.