Active Verb Tense Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Practice your grammar skills with this Active Verb Tense Worksheet that requires you to insert active tense verbs into the provided sentences. Each of the ten exercises provides a fill in the blank in order for you to supply a verb in the correct tense.


For each of the below exercises, fill in the blanks with a verb in the active tense to complete each sentence correctly.

  • The dancers ____________ beautiful in their vibrantly colored costumes.

  • The books that ____________ interesting usually make it onto the New York Times Bestseller List.

  • Children who ____________ extra layers of clothing while playing in the snow are likely to ____________ both warmer and drier than those who do not.

  • The coffee machine ____________ and ____________ as it brewed the last cup of coffee it shall ever brew.

  • Bottled water ____________ a great alternative to tap water when there are too many minerals or contaminants in your local water supply.

  • The train conductor ____________ free rides on the train between the two railroad crossings when the park ____________ busy.

  • Loud storms ____________ my dog so badly that she ____________ under the bed until the storm ____________ done.

  • My mother ____________ a light blue paint color for the kitchen walls.

  • While the book is amazing, the author of it always ____________ so dispassionate when ____________ of it.

  • The crowd ____________ crazy when the batter ____________ a home run to ____________ the game in extra innings.