Action Verbs Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Action Verbs Worksheet to improve your ability to recognize this type of verb. The exercises simply ask you to identify those verbs that are action ones. The ability to recognize action verbs improves your overall grammar.


In the examples below, circle any action verbs in each sentence.

  • The handsome gorilla prowls the jungle in search of his mate and the perfect banana with which to woo her.

  • Overzealous and causing quite the scene, the crazy fan who tried to rush the quarterback was hauled off the field by stadium security.

  • Regardless of how hard Mary tried, she could not bring herself to shoot the deer, whose gentle eyes and small stature brought images of the orphaned Bambi quickly to mind.

  • They say the apple never falls far from the tree, so Richard’s behavior is no surprise given how his father acted in the same situation.

  • Contrary to popular belief, venturing outdoors with wet hair in cold weather does not cause you to develop a cold.

  • While purple crayons seem readily available, the blue one she desperately seeks to color in the sweeping skyline in her drawing continues to prove elusive.

  • Since canoeing with one paddle often results in spinning aimless circles on the water, one has to wonder if a one-legged duck swims in circles.

  • All new parents believe their newborn is as cute as a button; however, there are plenty of not-so-cute babies out there, but they are often adorable in their awkwardness.

  • Sandy always acts overly kind to those who are rude or unfriendly toward her; as the saying goes, “kill them with kindness.”

  • The stunt man seems to enjoy his daily dance with death, where he attempts death-defying feats and stunts to play the part of the action hero.