A vs. An Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Practice your article usage with exercises on this A vs. An Worksheet. Each exercise is designed to help you avoid grammar mistakes by focusing on the sound of the word preceding the article to determine the correct choice.


Circle the article that correctly completes each example.

  • If the teacher would have just given me (a/an) hour more, I could have completed the assignment.

  • How silly would (a/an) ostrich look flying across the skyline?

  • Sammie stepped on (a/an) corn flake. Does that make her (a/an) cereal killer?

  • Non-smokers see (a/an) smoking section in (a/an) restaurant as the equivalent of (a/an) peeing section in (a/an) swimming pool.

  • After hitting the Black Friday sales with glee, Sheila was having (a/an) out-of-money experience.

  • It is foolish for (a/an) husband to tell his wife to stop talking and intelligent for him to tell his wife she is more beautiful with her mouth closed.

  • (A/An) unicorn is a creature you would not want to use as what you must jump over in (a/an) game of leapfrog.

  • The student felt it was (a/an) honor to visit the college she was thinking of attending in the fall.

  • If you are (a/an) person who sees the glass half full, you likely maintain (a/an) optimistic view of life.

  • (A/An) U.S. favorite, pizza is (a/an) staple in too many Americans’ diets, which largely contributes to the epic battle of the bulge that is currently a widespread U.S. problem.