Then vs. Than Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Use the exercises on this Then vs. Than Worksheet to ensure you understand how to use each word correctly in sentences. Mastering the usage of these words help you avoid common mistakes associated with each.

Then vs. Than Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, circle the correct word choice in each sentence.

  • Is Snooki smarter (then/than) Jessica Simpson?

  • If you eat all of the chocolate cake today, (then/than) you do not have to eat any tomorrow and feel guilty all over again.

  • There is hunger, and (then/than) there is the type of hunger that makes you eat a “Quadruple-Bypass” cheeseburger from the Heart Attack Grill.

  • Dan’s socks were definitely smellier (then/than) Jonah’s after the boys returned from playing in the football game.

  • From the mouth of a wise wolf, “Bite off more (then/than) you can chew. (Then/Than) chew it.

  • “I love you more (then/than) blood,” said Edward.

  • (Then/Than) why are you biting me?” Bella asked.

  • One must wonder if Sarah Palin is more intelligent (then/than) some of her statements imply.

  • When you are driving down the bumpy and treacherous road with a bear chasing you, always remember that objects in your rear-view mirror are larger and closer (then/than) they appear.

  • The conference call lasted much longer (then/than) anyone anticipated and was productive; even (then/than) though, most of us felt an even longer discussion was warranted.