Their vs. There vs. They're Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Use this Their vs. There vs. They’re Worksheet to check your usage in different contexts. Tackle exercises that help you avoid the common mistakes usually made with these words by circling the correct choice to improve your writing.

Their vs. There vs. They’re Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle the correct word to accurately complete the sentence.

  • The old pirate’s legend suggests (their/there/they’re) is a buried treasure lurking out there somewhere.

  • You were not (their/there/they’re) when this was mentioned, but they said (their/there/they’re) planning on a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.

  • (Their/There/They’re) cousins are about the same age; although, (their/there/they’re) are more mature than those same cousins.

  • I wonder if (their/there/they’re) planning on hitting all the big sales out (their/there/they’re) on Black Friday.

  • Amanda’s parents had no clue that (their/there/they’re) anniversary present was a trip to the Bahamas; we were all excited to see the look on (their/there/they’re) faces when they found out they were going (their/there/they’re).

  • The Smiths always take (their/there/they’re) dog with them on vacation, even when (their/there/they’re) itineraries do not always accommodate a pet.

  • You should wait right (their/there/they’re) if you want to attend the Kent’s dinner party; that way, when we leave the building, we can find you right away to avoid arriving late at (their/there/they’re) home.

  • Yes, (their/there/they’re) building an extension onto the building; (their/there/they’re) plans were in the works for quite some time.

  • (Their/there/They’re) are more than 300 students in Kelli’s graduating class, and (their/there/they’re) almost all attending college in the fall.

  • While (their/there/they’re) basketball teams have not had much success in recent years, (their/there/they’re) football team is usually ranked within the top three in the state.