Sit vs. Sat Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Use this Sit vs. Sat Worksheet to master choosing the correct word and avoiding common mistakes. Check your knowledge by looking at the function of each verb and circling the correct choice in the 10 provided exercises.

Sit vs. Sat Worksheet


In each of the following exercises, circle the word that completes the sentence correctly.

  • Their dream house (sits/sets) on the hilltop overlooking the ocean.

  • The dog trainer commanded, “(Sit/Set) down. Good boy!”

  • Cassandra (has sat/has set) for the artist who painted her portrait a number of times.

  • Sandra Day O’Connor was the first female member to (sit/set) on the Supreme Court.

  • While Tasha’s mother did not require constant care, she did need someone to (sit/set) with her in the mornings and early evenings.

  • Because the athlete missed practice, he is likely to (sit/set) out during the next soccer game.

  • Beth remembered (sitting/setting) the teacup on the saucer.

  • Mother scolded her little girl saying, “(Sit/Set) there in time out for five minutes.

  • The crying child (sat/set) wondering what she did wrong.

  • Thomas (sat/set) on the straight-backed chair even though he was uncomfortable (sitting/setting) there.