Moot vs. Mute Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Practice the correct usage on this Moot vs. Mute Worksheet with the provided exercises. Ensure you know how to avoid the common mistakes of using each word incorrectly by testing your knowledge and circling the correct choice.

Moot vs. Mute Worksheet


In each example given below, select the correct word by circling it to provide the right context and meaning to the sentence.

  • Since his recently-passed-away grandfather had so much debt, Michael’s inheritance was a (moot/mute) point.

  • The tragic death of Michelle’s parents, which she witnessed, has left her (moot/mute) since that terrible night.

  • In the event that two long-time rivals in the NFL play one another, statistics are (moot/mute) because the only thing that matters is who finishes with a win.

  • When the away team dominates in a high-stakes game, the home crowd is usually rendered (moot/mute) unless its team somehow gains momentum.

  • The local politicians debilitating argument turned into a (moot/mute) point when the building they could not decide what to do with collapsed in the raging storms.

  • Despite having plenty to say on the matter, the secretary stayed (moot/mute) to avoid upsetting her boss.

  • Bringing up all your friend’s past transgressions is a (moot/mute) point if he has worked hard to atone for them and has successfully made amends.

  • Sampson could not imagine having his tongue removed even if it was medically necessary because living life (moot/mute) scared him.

  • Regardless of what you think, the point is (moot/mute) as the decision is already made to move forward with the plan.

  • Whether the (moot/mute) button works on the remove is a (moot/mute) point when there are no batteries in the remote.