Lend vs. Borrow Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Practice avoiding common mistakes with this Lend vs. Borrow Worksheet. Each of the exercises requires you to select the correct word within the context of each sentence provided. Some sentences require multiple selections.

Lend vs. Borrow Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle the correct word choice from the words in parentheses that best completes the sentence.

  • Would you (borrow/lend) me your pen for a moment?

  • It is smart to only (borrow/lend) books, CDs and DVDs to close friends; otherwise, you may never have the items returned.

  • When my car broke down, my boyfriend was gracious enough to (borrow/lend) me his car for a few days.

  • I offered to (borrow/lend) my notes to the girl who missed class, but another student had already (borrowed/lent) the notes to her.

  • Banks are (lending/borrowing) more money to consumers as the economy continues to improve.

  • When Sarah and I grab lunch together, she often (borrows/lends) me money when I forget my purse at home.

  • Kenny (borrowed/lent) money from David.

  • Would you (lend/borrow) me the third book from the Hunger Games series?

  • Oh my gosh! You look like you are freezing. Let me (borrow/lend) you a heavier coat.

  • My sister has the perfect dress for tonight’s party; I wonder if she would (borrow/lend) it to me?