i.e. vs. e.g Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Practice your abbreviating skills on this i.e. vs. e.g. Worksheet. Master the use of these abbreviations through exercises that ask you to circle the correct choice, and ensure you avoid the common mistakes in using each term.

i.e. vs. e.g Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle the abbreviation in brackets that correctly completes each sentence.

  • The accident occurred in January, [e.g., i.e.], three months ago.

  • My favorite author writes across a number of genres ([e.g., i.e.], drama, crime, fantasy, romance).

  • Use a comma to offset, [e.g., i.e.], one preceding and one following, any parenthetical information not enclosed within parentheses.

  • Kyle’s performance review at work highlighted the areas in which he needed to improve ([e.g., i.e.], arriving to work on time, working with coworkers effectively).

  • As a general rule of thumb, use numerals for numbers above the number nine ([e.g., i.e.], 10, 52, 82, 97, 2173).

  • The list of camping supplies needed includes a variety of items ([e.g., i.e.], a tent, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, firewood, bug spray, sun screen).

  • The ability to learn compassion is something that is innate, [e.g., i.e.], something that everyone is born with in their genetic makeup); however, just because someone has the ability to learn compassion does not mean that they do.

  • There are several places Jade goes to study more effectively, [e.g., i.e.], the library, a coffee shop, her parents’ house, even though they are not all the quietest of places.

  • However, Jade accomplishes the most studying at her favorite coffee shop, e.g., i.e. Starbucks.

  • While the computer class starts with the easiest-to-understand material for new computer users ([e.g., i.e.], how to use a computer mouse), by the end of the class, most students learn something useful,( [e.g., i.e.], how to set up internet and/or computer security software, how to use email correctly, how to surf the internet).