Further vs. Farther Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Tackle exercises on this Further vs. Farther Worksheet to test your knowledge of the correct usage of these two words. Avoid common mistakes by deciding the context of each word and circling the word that is correct.

Further vs. Farther Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, circle the word that completes the sentence correctly.

  • How much (further/farther) is it to reach the summit?

  • After running in the marathon, Stacey exclaimed, “I am too exhausted to go any (further/farther).”

  • I want to (further/farther) my career by taking classes to get my Masters Degree.

  • Coach, how much (further/farther) do I have to run?

  • Upon (further/farther) review, the judge ruled that the evidence was inadmissible.

  • Addie drove a mile (further/farther) than she needed to before she realized she was lost.

  • The closer Benjamin tried to get to the birdbath, the (further/farther) away the birds fluttered.

  • The limousine drove (further/farther) than I expected it would on a tank of gas.

  • The (furthest/farthest) plant from the sun is Pluto

  • Which is (further/farther) from here, New York or Boston?