Desert vs Dessert Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Test your knowledge using this Desert vs. Dessert Worksheet for determining when to use each word. Circle the correct word in the exercises to check your ability to avoid common mistakes associated with this word pair.

Desert vs Dessert Worksheet


Use the context of the sentences and the tips you just learned to determine which word is correct. Circle the correct word.

  • I spent all day thinking about the gooey, chocolate goodness of the piece of cake I intended to order for (desert/dessert) tonight.

  • The dry heat made it feel as if we lived in the (desert/dessert).

  • The foster kids living next door were (deserted/desserted) by their parents at a very young age.

  • A good soldier never (deserts/desserts) his comrades.

  • I wonder what type of (deserts/desserts) the Queen serves following a Royal Family dinner party?

  • A (desert/dessert) of loneliness followed for several months after she broke off her engagement to marry her boyfriend of six years.

  • Children should never have to worry about having a parent (desert/dessert) them.

  • There were so many choices on the (desert/dessert) table that was part of the dinner buffet; I ended up selecting three (deserts/desserts) instead of just one.

  • If she were stranded in the (desert/dessert) indefinitely, she would miss her favorite (desert/dessert) more than any other food.

  • Karma is a wonderful thing, especially when those who deserve it – good or bad – get their just (deserts/desserts).