Amount Versus Number Worksheet

General Writing – Common Mistakes

Practice with this Amount vs. Number Worksheet to test your knowledge of using the right word with different types of nouns to avoid the common mistakes found with these two words. Through completing 10 exercises, you can practice making the right choice to improve your overall writing skills.

Amount Versus Number


For each of the exercises below, circle the word in parentheses that correctly completes the sentence.

  • The (amount/number) of people at the concert was surprising.

  • She looked at the (amount/number) of money in her bank account and decided purchasing the dress would have to wait.

  • Thinking about the (amount/number) of recent shark attacks makes me hesitant to swim in the ocean.

  • Every Monday morning at work, I am always surprised by the (amount/number) of emails I receive; I mistakenly think that people would send (less/fewer) emails over the weekend.

  • It was definitely not an adequate (amount/number) of minutes to complete the task.

  • The (amount/number) of critical steps is outlined in the chapter describing the process.

  • (Many, much) of the student body attended the rally; in fact, we were surprised by the (amount/number) of students who were present.

  • Because dancers train for countless hours every day, it is hard to estimate in advance the (amount/number) of hours each is likely to spend training each week.

  • Expect to receive a large (amount/number) of debating if you bring up gun control around conservative Republicans.

  • After listening to the loud music for a (amount/number) of hours, I had (less/fewer) patience with the neighbors and (few/little) positive things to say about that type of music.