Affect vs. Effect Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Use this Affect vs. Effect Worksheet to check your usage of these similar sounding words. Tackle exercises that help you avoid common mistakes by providing context to master the different meaning for each word.

Affect vs. Effect Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, select the word from inside the parentheses that completes the sentence correctly.

  • The (affect/effect) of the contamination is not currently unknown.

  • Your opinion on the matter does not (affect/effect) the final outcome.

  • Your opinion has no (affect/effect) on the final outcome.

  • The touching scene at the end of the movie had a profound (affect/effect) on her.

  • Any time you are starting a new medication, it is a good idea to ask your doctor how it is likely to (affect/effect) you, as many medications can have serious side (affects/effects).

  • All the presidential candidates claim a desire to (affect/effect) the way things are done in Washington.

  • The economic downturn (affected/effected) many middle- and low-income Americans, but the (effects/affects) also have a global reach.

  • While the teacher discusses the consequences of cheating with every class, her lecture appears to have no (affect/effect) on the students who she suspects of cheating.

  • The steps taken in the process (affect/effect) how things turn out, so it is important to follow the required steps closely to have the right (affect/effect).

  • People all across the Midwest were (affected/effected) by the recent major storms; however, the lasting (affects/effects) of the widespread destruction is not yet known.