Advise vs. Advice Worksheet

Category: Common Mistakes

Use this Advise vs. Advice Worksheet with exercises asking you to circle the correct word choice. Use the worksheet to enhance your knowledge, so you can easily avoid common mistakes with the use of these similar words.

Advise vs. Advice Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle the word in parentheses that correctly completes each sentence.

  • My mother always has some (advise/advice) to give regardless of whether you want to hear it.

  • Tommy’s lawyer (advised/adviced) him to consider the deal offered by the prosecution.

  • If you are planning on taking a spring break trip this year, I (advise/advice) you to start setting aside money for it as early as possible.

  • Most new students are pleasantly surprised by the amount of (advise/advice) they receive from their academic adviser.

  • Tanya takes any (advise/advice) from her roommate with a grain of salt.

  • When you are shopping for a new outfit, it never hurts to have a friend along to (advise/advice) on how the clothes you try on look.

  • One of the things my mother likes about her doctor is that he is always ready with (advise/advice) that usually helps her in one fashion or another.

  • The manager is (advised/adviced) every day at the start of his workday on the status of everything that pertains to his department.

  • Sometimes the best (advise/advice) comes from someone you least expect to give it.

  • Columnists who (advise/advice) people on the questions they mail in generally offer (advise/advice) they feel can apply to anyone in the same position.