Common Mistakes

Find articles to help clear up some common mistakes when using the English language.

  • Affect Versus Effect | View Worksheet

    Learn how to use the words ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ correctly in different contexts by reading a few examples and remembering some easy tips.

  • Further versus Farther | View Worksheet

    Learn the proper way to use the troublesome words ‘further’ and ‘farther’ by identifying and remembering the contextual connotations of each.

  • Insure versus Ensure versus Assure | View Worksheet

    Learn how to use commonly confused words such as ‘assure’, ‘insure’ and ‘ensure’ correctly and prevent mistakes spell checkers can’t detect.

  • Then Versus Than | View Worksheet

    Learn how to distinguish the difference between the words ‘then’ and ‘than’ and how to use them correctly in a sentence.

  • Moot Versus Mute | View Worksheet

    Avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes when you learn that ‘moot’ means irrelevant and ‘mute’ means unable to speak or make noise.

  • Advise Versus Advice | View Worksheet

    Learn the difference between ‘advise’ and ‘advice.’ You offer advice (i.e., your opinion); and if you advise, you give guidance to someone.

  • Their Versus There Versus They’re | View Worksheet

    Discover how to use ‘their,’ ‘there’ and ‘they’re,’ and improve your writing by learning how to determine which word is appropriate in a given circumstance.

  • Desert Versus Dessert | View Worksheet

    Distinguish between “desert” and “dessert” by using the correct spelling for the appropriate meaning to protect your credibility as a writer.

  • Sit Versus Sat | View Worksheet

    Learn how to identify whether using “sit” or “set” is correct by looking at the definition of the verb and the function it performs.

  • i.e. Versus e.g. | View Worksheet

    Learn the literal meanings of “e.g.” and “i.e.,” when to use these abbreviations, and discover a few tips to guide your usage of them.

  • Lend Versus Borrow | View Worksheet

    Learn how to distinguish the difference between “lend” and “borrow,” how to use the words properly and how to determine which is correct.

  • Amount Versus Number | View Worksheet

    Learn about amount vs. number, including the difference between countable and mass nouns and when to use each word.