Essay Writing Tips: Avoiding Common Content Mistakes Worksheet

Assignment Writing: Writing Process

Test your knowledge with this Essay Writing Tips: Common Mistakes When Writing an Essay Worksheet that focuses on helping your write well-developed essays. By completing these 10 exercises, you improve your ability to critique content for your assignment writing.


For the exercises below, refer to one of your own essays or find a sample essay online to critique and identify content mistakes. Review the question presented in each exercise and answer appropriately, explaining your answer for each.

  • Does the introduction properly introduce the topic? Explain.

  • Is the thesis clearly defined so that readers understand what the essay is about? Explain.

  • Is the thesis well-supported with evidence and examples?

  • Is the structure of the essay logical as it relates to the thesis? Explain.

  • Do paragraphs flow naturally from one topic to the next? Explain.

  • Is the appropriate amount of information used? Explain.

  • Are all statistics and facts properly cited where applicable? Explain.

  • Pretend you do not know the instructions and goal of the essay even if it is your own essay. Based off the content, what do you think the instructions are for the assignment? Explain.

  • Is the language and wording used appropriate? Why or why not?

  • Is the point of view appropriate to the essay type and topic? Explain.