Avoiding Common Mistakes in Essay Structure Worksheet

Assignment Writing: Writing Process

Practice with this Essay Structure Mistakes Worksheet to learn how to recognize when the structure of an essay is incorrect during your next assignment writing task. By completing 10 exercises, you test your knowledge on a few specifics, and get experience in writing a mistake-free introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.
Avoiding Common Mistakes in Essay Structure


For the first five exercises, determine if the statement is true or false, and explain your answer. For the remaining five exercises, follow the instructions within each exercise..

  • True or false: All essays follow the same structure strictly. Explain your answer.

  • True or false: Essay structure is the only aspect that truly affects your grade other than content. Explain your answer.

  • True or false: Paragraphs need to be logically separated. Explain your answer.

  • True or false: It is okay to introduce new material in the conclusion—after all, you are almost done with the essay. Explain your answer.

  • True or false: It is safe to assume that all readers hear and understand everything you are trying to communicate when they read your words. Explain your answer.

  • Write a brief introduction on a topic that interests you. Identify at least one main point in the thesis statement. Do not focus so much on the essay type – you can use whatever you like.

  • Write a body paragraph that incorporates the main point you identified in exercise #6.

  • Write a conclusion based on the introduction and body paragraph you just wrote.

  • Evaluate the introduction, body paragraph and conclusion you just wrote – do they have any essay structure mistakes?

  • What other suggestions might you give someone who has difficulty adhering to the basic essay structure?