Expository Essays: Explaining With Facts Worksheet

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Practice with this Expository Essays Worksheet to get familiar with crafting this type of essay, from the first sentence of the introduction all the way through the last sentence of the conclusion. By completing 10 exercises, you can improve your writing for this essay type for your next writing assignment that is similar.
Expository Essays: Explaining With Facts


Start the first exercise by choosing a topic for an expository essay. Use that decision to shape your answers and writing throughout the rest of the exercises.

  • Choose a topic or an expository essay about which you feel you could write an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. List the topic in the below space.

  • What approach would you take while writing this essay? Explain your choice.

  • Write a thesis statement on the topic you selected in exercise #1.

  • Write an introduction to the expository essay that focuses on the topic you selected in exercise #1.

  • What type of evidential support would you present to support the thesis statement? List at least three pieces of evidential support of the type you select.

  • Write the first body paragraph.

  • Write the second body paragraph.

  • Write the third body paragraph.

  • Evaluate the three body paragraphs you just wrote: does each use smooth transitions? Explain your answer.

  • Write the conclusion for the expository essay on the topic you selected in exercise #1.