Definition Essays: Explaining a Term With Examples, Facts and Anecdotes Worksheet

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Practice with this Definition Essay Worksheet to familiarize yourself with how to select and define a term for this type of assignment writing. By completing 10 exercises, you walk through the process to gain a better understanding.
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For each of the exercise below, follow the instructions in each exercise as you work through the process of defining a term.

  • Choose a term you could define in a definition essay. Write the term and your reason for selecting it in the below space.

  • Write the definition of the term in your own words below.

  • Define the term by analysis.

  • Define the term by function.

  • Define the term by structure.

  • Define the term by what it is not.

  • Which definition do you think best suits your term? Explain your answer.

  • Write one fact, one example and one anecdote for the definition you identified in exercise #7.




  • Do your fact, example and anecdote support the definition you selected in exercise #7? Explain your answer.

  • Write the first paragraph of a definition essay based on the word and definition you selected in exercise #7.