Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about becoming a workforce writer.
I already do some freelance writing directly for clients. What are the advantages to writing for
With, you don't have to worry about client generation, figuring out deliverables and deadlines, negotiating pay rates or billing. We handle all of that for you. You simply jump on the platform anytime you like and start working on available projects. We pay you directly once your work is cleared — typically no more than a couple of days — so it's a great source of steady cash flow.
How is my work reviewed? has an expert team of experienced editors and reviewers who review all work that comes through. The more work they review, the more they can earn, so they make sure the review process is smooth and fast as possible.
Do you also need editors? Can I be a writer and an editor?
Definitely. If your facility with English is very strong and you have an eye for catching errors, you can qualify for editing positions as well.
How will I know whether I'm using the correct style and spellings for the work I'm doing?
We have our own comprehensive style guide, and you can refer to it whenever you need. It's closely based on the AP Stylebook. We also specify which dictionary to use, so you'll know whether a spelling should be traveling or travelling, hand-held or handheld, etc.
Do I need to have Microsoft Word or another licensed word processing program to work for Is there anything at all I need to buy?
No word processing software is necessary: All the writing and editing can be done within our exclusive platform. All you need is a working computer and reliable, dedicated Internet access. is free to join, so there's no expense whatsoever on your part.
I've worked with clients who expected me to do all sorts of impossible things with their copy, like working in a keyword 35 times in 150 words, which is very frustrating. Is that an issue at
It's not. We consult with our clients on proper keyword density and word count requirements for each given project. All tasks are designed so you can accomplish them in a straightforward, reasonable way. You won't have to find a way to write 500 words about a ceiling fan or incorporate 20 different keywords in a 150-word task.
Is there a way to get tips and advice from other writers and editors at
We have an active discussion group where you can ask questions about instructions, policies, grammar rules or anything else you want to know. Everyone benefits when our community gets together and helps out one another.
I've had clients in the past tell me to just steal copy from other sites. Is this done at
Plagiarism is absolutely forbidden, and anyone found plagiarizing is subject to removal. That includes self-plagiarism: You can't reuse something you've written either elsewhere or previously on Our clients are paying for fresh, original copy. Research from authorized sites is a core part of the process, but the actual writing should always be done from scratch.
Can I really make money working for
You certainly can, especially if you focus on doing great work and taking advantage of ways to learn as you go. As you improve, you'll be paid more per task and receive more opportunities. Also, we often offer bonuses for completing a certain number of tasks in a given time frame.
Is this something that will require a lot of my time, like 30 or even 40 hours a week?
Not unless that's what you want. We do ask that you're available to do some work during most weeks, but generally you can work much or as little as you'd like, from a few hours every week to a few hours every day. This lets you take time off when you like or dig in and work a lot when that meets your needs.