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Write.com Terms

Your use and access of this website constitutes an agreement that binds Write.com’s Terms and Conditions of Use, all pertinent regulations and/or laws, including your responsibility to stay compliant with any relevant local laws. If for any reason you do not accept any of the terms outlined here, use of and access to Write.com is prohibited. All materials and content contained within the pages of Write.com fall under the protection of applicable laws governing copyright and trademark rights.

Write.com Use License

  1. According to this use license, you may download a single copy of information or materials from Write.com on a temporary basis. This download is only permitted for non-commercial, personal use that involves temporary viewing only. Under no circumstances is this use or grant of a temporary license considered a title transfer. Under the use license, you are expressly prohibited from the following:
    • modifying or copying any content, information or materials;
    • using any of the above for any commercial endeavor or purpose, or displaying it in any public setting – this includes non-commercial, commercial or non-profit;
    • removing copyrighted materials or part thereof, including any proprietary notations; or
    • “mirroring” any materials or information from Write.com to another server or transferring said materials, information of software to any other individual or entity.
  2. Violation of any of the above restrictions results in an automatic termination of the license to use and access Write.com. In addition, Write.com reserves the right to terminate this license at its discretion at any time. Upon termination of your right to access Write.com or the revocation of the license that grants your use of the site, you are required and agree to destroy any material you have downloaded that is still within your possession – this applies to both materials in electronic form and those in printed form.

Write.com Disclaimer

  1. All materials and information contained on Write.com are supplied “as is.” None of the aforementioned are covered by either an express or an implied warranty made by Write.com. In addition, the website does not claim or validate any other warranty. This includes, under no limitations, implied warranties or merchantability conditions, suitability for a specific use or failure to infringe intellectual property or any other violated rights. Additionally, Write.com does not make any guarantee or claims regarding whether materials located on its website are reliable, accurate or oriented to garner specific results. This includes related material and the content of any linked websites.

Limitations of Liability

Under no circumstances is Write.com, including suppliers of, under liability for damages that occur as a result of using or the inability to use the material or information on the Write.com website. This includes, with no limitations, damages that result in the loss of information or monetary gains or occur as a result of an interruption of business operations. These limitations are binding even in the event that a Write.com authorized representative or agent is orally notified or notified in writing that such damages are a possibility. In the event you live in a jurisdiction that does not permit warranties that are implied, the above stated limitations or consequential or incidental damages with limited liability, you may not fall under these limitations.

Write.com Revisions and Corrections

Write.com’s material may contain errors related to technology, typing, grammar or photography, and it does not guarantee that information and materials located on Write.com are current, complete or accurate. Changes to said content are subject to occur at any time, without notice and at the sole discretion of Write.com. However, Write.com neither guarantees nor commits to making updates to such material or information.

External Links

Using any internet sites that are linked via the Write.com website is done with the knowledge that it is at your own risk. Write.com makes no guarantee that these sites have undergone a review, and Write.com does not claim any responsibility for the information and content of any of these websites. Any externally linked website on Write.com is not expressly endorsed, nor is an endorsement implied.

Modifications to Terms and Conditions of Use

The Write.com Terms and Conditions of use can be revised without prior notice at any time as Write.com deems it is necessary. Your use of Write.com constitutes acceptance and an agreement that you are bound by the Write.com Terms and Conditions of Use in its current form, even if changes have occurred since your last visit to the Write.com website.

Applicable State Laws that Dictate Governance

Write.com is governed and must adhere to the laws and regulations set forth by the State of Illinois without considering its conflict of law provisions.

Content License From You

  1. Any User-Generated Content (UGC) you provide to us through Write.com will be and remain our exclusive property. Your submission of UGC will constitute an assignment to us of all worldwide rights, title and interests in your UGC, including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in your UGC. We will be entitled to reduce to practice, exploit, make, use, copy, disclose, display or perform publicly, distribute, improve and modify any UGC you submit for any purpose whatsoever, without restriction and without compensating you in any way. For this reason, we ask that you do not send us any UGC that you do not wish to assign to us.
  2. Content submitted to us or posted on the Write.com and/or the Services, in any form or medium, by users of the Write.com and Services, including, without limitation, qualification tests, comments, reviews, recommendations, analysis, input, preferences, data, questions, answers, responses, feedback, proposals, ideas, suggestions, plans, creative content, copy, phrases, text, slogans, logos, symbols, designs, images and URLs are considered “UGC.” As between You and Write.com, You may possess certain intellectual property rights in Your own UGC that You may submit to Us, or display and/or post via the Write.com and/or Services. By generating, submitting or posting, in any form or medium, UGC to Us or via Write.com or Services, you thereby grant to Write.com, its affiliates and third parties authorized by Us to distribute the information contained in the Write.com or Services, in whole or in part, on the third parties’ websites, networks or via other applications (our “Third-Party Distributors”) an express, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide and non-exclusive license to access, store, reproduce, adapt, modify, sell, format, delete, translate, transmit, use, disclose, sublicense, manipulate, repurpose, prepare derivative works from, publish, publicly perform, publicly display, distribute, redistribute and communicate any and all such UGC, without any obligation, notification or compensation to You. This license is granted to Write.com, its affiliates and Third-Party Distributors with respect to the use of such UGC in connection with the Write.com and Services and any subsequent version or modification thereof.
  3. You agree and acknowledge that the foregoing license grants to Write.com and its affiliates and Third-Party Distributors the full right and authority to use UGC for any purpose related to the Write.com and Services, including, without limitation, the marketing, sale, syndication and development of the Write.com, Services and any successors thereto. This license includes an unrestricted right and authority for Write.com to make the User Generated Content available to sublicense to other companies, organizations or individuals. You agree and acknowledge that Write.com and its affiliates and Third-Party Distributors are licensed to transmit or distribute the UGC in all formats and mediums over various networks.
  4. Your use of the Write.com and Services to generate, submit and/or post UGC confirms Your representation and warranty that You possess all necessary legal rights, power and authority to grant to Write.com and its affiliates and Third-Party Distributors the foregoing license. You further represent, warrant and agree that the UGC You generate, submit or post will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights, and will not contain false, intentionally misleading, libelous, defamatory or otherwise unlawful statements.

Write.com Worker Terms

  1. Professional Conduct – You are expected to conduct yourself and communicate with CrowdSource and other workers in a professional manner. Obscene, lewd, filthy, abusive, threatening and/or harassing behavior or language geared toward our team members, partners, affiliates or any members of our workforce team will not be tolerated.
  2. Privacy – You are not permitted to give personally identifiable information of others without their expressed and written consent. This includes, but is not limited to: last names, physical or email addresses, worker IDs and phone numbers.
  3. Promotion of Third Parties – We reserve the right to remove content on our social media platforms and/or forums containing promotional information of third parties, including, but not limited to: trademarks, services, offerings or brands, on our forums or social media.
  4. Rejection of Work/Payments – Work submitted is reviewed by our internal team. We reserve the right to reject work (with or without pay) using our discretion. Simply stated, it is not fair to us, to your fellow workers, nor to our clients to accept sub-par work that does not meet quality standards in accordance with the instructions, the style guide and/or format.
  5. Qualifications – We reserve the right to create, edit or revoke qualifications at any time, for any reason or for no reason.
  6. Monetary Awards/Career Advancement – At our discretion, workers who go above and beyond will receive both monetary awards as well as the opportunities for career advancement. As you earn trust in our system, you have the potential to gain access to more assignments and/or , earnings potential.
  7. Monitoring Community Content – CrowdSource will make an honest effort to monitor content in a timely fashion, including: messages, posts, comments, photos, videos, emails and/or other content posted by users of the community. We will make a best effort to take all constructive criticism and ideas to task, arrive at a resolution for problems and continue striving for process improvements.

    However, the best way to address support issues with CrowdSource is to contact our workforce support team (workforce@crowdsource.com/618-215-5733). Please note that we do not guarantee a response to questions posted on third-party websites, social networks, blogs or forums. Furthermore, please remember that anything posted on our social media accounts or active forums does not necessarily represent the feelings or opinions of CrowdSource.

    ** Enforcement of these guidelines are solely at the discretion of CrowdSource, and failure to enforce such rules in some instances does not constitute a waiver of our rights to enforce rules in other instances.