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How the Amazon Payment System Works

Working from home has its perks; you get to sit on your couch or favorite comfy chair and make money. You cannot beat that. The amounts may not be huge, but if you look at the dollar per minute; it is pretty good money. Amazon Mechanical Turk payment system provides both reliability and security. Amazon is such a trustworthy name, so it makes the online payment aspect of it a little less scary. However, if you are not already a Mechanical Turk worker, coming in from the outside has a couple of unknown delays.

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Become Your Own Boss With

Freelance writing is a liberating career if you want to become your own boss. You decide how often you work, where you work and at what times during the day. No commitments are necessary, and you do not have to sign away your life to “the man.” Work in your slippers while watching marathons of “Law and Order,” write during your children’s nap time or complete assignments at 2 in the morning if you cannot get to sleep. The freedom is yours to take that last minute vacation or spend extra time with your family. As a freelance writer, you are in charge of your own life. Read More »

How To Balance Work and School

Between all-nighters studying for exams, a steady stream of assignments and the occasional night out with friends, if you are a college student, finding the time to work feels impossible. Whether you need money to support yourself, pay for your education or cover personal expenses, earning money is often important. Your time management skills are put to the test when you need to work during college. With, you can effectively balance your time between work and school.

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What Is Crowdsourcing?

Everyone is trying to figure out the next big thing to hit the internet and revolutionize not only the way companies do business but also the way individuals communicate, often in the same instance. Search-engine giant Google and social media tools Facebook and Twitter have all changed the online landscape, altering the way people utilize the web. Many speculate that crowdsourcing is the next big thing, but what is it exactly?

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The Perks of Working From Home

In this improving, yet still troubling economy, full-time jobs are harder and harder to come by in every sector. For people seeking writing jobs, which has traditionally been a tough market to break into, opportunities are even more sparse.

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