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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

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How-To articles should be written using 250-300 of your own words. Focus the entire article on the given topic. How-to articles must have an introduction paragraph and a minimum of two steps. Every step must have a heading, but please do not include Step 1, Step 2, etc. Please feel free to use outside references; however, 100 percent unique content is required. You may use 2nd or 3rd person, but please make sure to stay consistent throughout the How-To article.

Sample How-To Article
The platform of Facebook gives your business access to roughly 750 million users. The ability to attract “fans” and keep current and potential customers engaged and returning to your site without spending a dime is easily the most attractive draw of Facebook. Keep reading to learn how to use Facebook to promote your business.

Create an account

You must first create an account if you do not have one at Creating one is easy, but if you employ the services of a professional web-design company, make sure a business Facebook page is part of your package. In either case, make sure your page has a professional look that accurately represents your business and is attractive to the markets you want to tap.

Provide discounts when users “Like” you

Especially if your business is new to Facebook, provide a small discount when users “Like” you. For example, offer a 5 percent discount on specific products, or offer a coupon for free shipping on orders of more than a set dollar amount. Any discount amount or “free” perk attracts potential customers to your Facebook page in spades.

Create contests

In addition to perks, create contests with prizes that include your business’ merchandise or services. Contests can range from asking users to submit stories of how your products have improved their lives or ideas on how to improve your services. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Stay involved

Keep the information on your Facebook profile fresh, current and changing. Users are more likely to visit your Facebook page (and your website) when you are actively involved in an interactive experience. Consider creating a Facebook app that lets users interact with your website. Apps open the door to the world of viral marketing if you create one that is fun and engaging enough to keep users active. Staying involved is the best way to ensure your Facebook marketing efforts stay a success.