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Below, please find a sample blog post with the sample assignment instructions.

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Sample Assignment Instructions

Blog posts should be written using 200 or more of your own words. Focus the entire blog on the given topic, and make sure to include an introduction paragraph, a minimum of one body paragraph and a closing paragraph. Please feel free to use outside references; however, 100 percent unique content is required. You may use first, second or third person point of view, but please make sure to stay consistent throughout the post.

Sample Product Description
The internet creates a free-for-all battle where your business competes with thousands of other businesses for site visitors. When you win the battle, you enjoy more leads. This translates into more sales. The fact that you have a website does not guarantee online success, but there are steps you can take, such as providing killer content, optimizing your site for search engine optimization and more, to put your company a swing ahead when it comes to driving site traffic. Attracting more visitors is made infinitely easier when you apply the following to your website.

Provide engaging content

In the online world, content is king. To draw more visitors, and keep them, you must use engaging, unique and quality content. Generating content that meets these requirements is not always as easy as it sounds. You save time and money by utilizing the services of a business that specializes in content creation, so make sure to weigh this when deciding how to create the content.

Optimize your website

Even with great content, your site must stay visible, and search engine optimization is crucial in your site’s visibility. Make sure your design is optimized by ensuring the content is indexed by the major search engines and there is enough text (that is unique) for Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engines to digest. Consider employing the services of a professional web designer or SEO specialist to ensure your site is as optimized as possible, and watch the traffic to your site increase.

Use RSS feeds and social media

Great content and SEO alone are not enough. However, both social media and RSS feeds are extremely powerful marketing tools that boost your site traffic. Use RSS feeds to let your visitors subscribe to your company blog or keep them posted on company news, upcoming events, sales, new content and more. Likewise, social media sites, such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Stumpleupon and others create mediums that generate large amounts of traffic.
These are just a few of the many ways to attract more visitors to your website. To fully maximize your site’s potential, consider professional services that offer unique and engaging content creation, SEO services and RSS feed/social media integration into your website. By ensuring your site is interesting, optimized and well marketed, you take the first three steps to winning the battle for site visitors.