Internet and Technology Terms

Posted: March 11th, 2014, 10:25 am   By: erin.hempfling

“I think that’s just an Internet rumor, like, ‘There’s a country called Turkey.’”—Walter the Muppet, geography bee champion

This week, we’ll review how to write some common Internet and technological terms. As an online writing professional, you need to stay current on the latest style guidelines from the Associated Press, our official style guide at

Yes, remaining up to date is a herculean task. It’s more difficult than belting out crappy ’90s songs while wrapped in shock collars. It might even waterboard your soul, like listening to teen mom Janelle’s mind-numbing paean to Ke$ha. But don’t worry, broham: we got your back.

  • Internet: always capitalize (yes, this feels behind the times, and we hope it will change in later editions of the AP style guide)
  • iPad: capitalize only when the word starts a sentence or title; same for iPod, iPhone, etc.
  • Java: capitalize both Java and JavaScript
  • JPEG, JPG: both are acceptable acronyms for Joint Photographic Experts Group, another popular format for image files
  • login, logon, logoff (as nouns): with verbs, though, write them as two words (for example: “The forensic investigator logged in to Jerry Sandusky’s computer.”)
  • MB: abbreviation for megabyte
  • online: lowercase, no hyphen
  • Twitter: capitalize, but lowercase for tweet
  • Web: always capitalize, because it is short for World Wide Web; likewise, capitalize Web page and Web feed
  • website: lowercase with no space; do the same with similar terms like webcam, webcast, and webmaster

For more in-depth knowledge, we recommend you purchase access to the AP style guide at It’s simple and easy, just like smuggling birds in your pants.