CrowdSource Worker Profiles

Posted: January 29th, 2014, 11:36 am   By: brittany.corners

If you’ve received an email invite from CrowdSource to set up a Worker Profile and are wondering what it is all about, this blog is for you. The benefits of creating a profile offer a more enriched writing-for-CS experience. What exactly does the profile show you? How can you use it for a better experience or to improve your writing? The answers are best shown through what makes the CS Worker Profile helpful in the eyes of other Turkers like you.

“I love the feedback section because it’s easier than hunting through the Mturk dashboard.”

On your CS profile, you can view all of your past work. When feedback is left by Mturk editors or the internal moderation team at CS, you can view it in one condensed location. This option is a much better way to see feedback than on your Mturk dashboard, where the feedback often does not make it clear to which HIT it applies.

“I like the feedback section because I can easily find all my feedback in one…I also find it very useful to click on a button and see all the feedback without having to go through pages and pages on my Mturk dashboard.”

In the feedback on your CS Worker Profile, you have the option to view only feedback left on certain types of hits or to view all feedback at once through the “Past Work” tab. The feedback is also viewed in several ways. It is shown at the top of your submitted work on an individual basis when feedback is left, and it is also shown when you select to view all feedback. When you view feedback collectively, the option to dismiss and mark feedback as read lets you easily check which feedback you have reviewed and which you have not.

“I like being able to see any changes made by editors.”

While viewing feedback is helpful, one of the best features on the Worker Profile is the ability to view changes made by editors. This allows you to see how any errors you struggle with are corrected, giving you a learning tool that improves your writing over time. You can view both your original submission and the same submission post editing. Changes made by editors often show you trouble spots in your writing that you may not have received feedback for, or they might allow you to find something that was erroneously corrected – which can in turn help editors learn as well when they receive feedback from the internal CS staff.

“I love seeing where I rank in total edits/hits approved. It’s fun to try and move up the rankings. I’m up five spots since I’ve tried getting up the ladder, although I have no idea how far I have to go to get to the next ranking. It gives me motivation to do more HITs, even though the rankings don’t have [any] greater meaning.”

The main “Profile” tab on your Worker Profile lets you see how you rank compared to other Mturk workers. An overall rank of all CS workers is provided for two categories: total earnings and total number of hits. You can also view your rank for the current month, the current year or the total length of time you’ve worked for CS if that time covers multiple years. If you are the competitive type, you can easily track your ranking climb, and use the determination to reach a higher rank to keep you motivated.

In addition, you can also view an earnings summary of your total CS earnings in both total dollar amount and broken up by task type. Graphs depicting your performance by different time periods are available as well.

“The stats allow me to compare my performance quarter over quarter and year over year (like I can see I’ve already passed my income from last year) and how my performance over time is on a daily basis.”

The compiled data on your worker performance allows you to compare and track your work volume and earnings over time. The graphs already mentioned show your performance compared to work by other CS workers. In addition, pie charts show you a breakdown of the type of tasks you have completed and what others are completing. The same is true for your earnings compared to others.

“I like the fact that the style guide is integrated into it, and that I can easily use ctrl-f to look for specific sections.”

The CS style guide has its own tab right in the profile. This allows you to keep the style guide handy for referencing it while working on writing and editing HITS. If you did not already know this, you can search for a specific topic using Ctrl F on your keyboard, giving you fast and easy access that saves you time while you work.

“I think the “Find Work” tab is somewhat useful. I love the fact that I can hit the “writing” and “editing” buttons and I can filter out the other stuff.”

On the “Find Work” tab, you can see all the HITS currently available on Mturk from CrowdSource. The best part of this feature is the ability to filter the available tasks. If you only want to edit on any given day for example, you can just search for editing work. This allows you quick and easy access to the type of work you enjoy the most, including the ability to click on a specific HIT and go directly to Mturk to start working. The first time you use this feature, make sure to enter your total number of HITS completed and your approval rate from your Mturk stats, so you only view work for which you are qualified.

“It’s convenient to see the list of my qualifications on my profile.”

Knowing which qualifications you have is easy with your Worker Profile. On the bottom right of the “Profile” tab, you see a list of all CS qualifications you currently have. Any qualifications you possess for which there is current work available is underlined and in blue. Clicking on this hyperlink takes you to the “Find Work” tab.

Getting started

If you are not already accessing your Worker Profile, today is a great time to start! If you are new to working for CrowdSource, you should receive an email invite to create a profile after completing 20 tasks. The tools, aggregated and sortable work performance data, ratings, qualification listings, built-in style guide, viewable feedback and editing changes are all in place to enhance your experience as a CS worker and to provide tools to help you improve.
A giant thank you to all CS workers who shared their thoughts on Turker Nation on what they liked the most about Worker Profiles; your feedback helps the internal staff at CS improve your experience on an ongoing basis. Not a member of Turker Nation? Find out more about this Turker Forum, or sign up with Turker Nation to get started.

The benefits of Turker Nation combined with your profile make your experience working for CS a better one. In case you are not a member of TN, check out the first edition of the CS Workforce Newsletter that keeps you up to speed on what work is currently available and upcoming work.