Enhancing Your CrowdSource Experience with Turker Nation

Posted: January 13th, 2014, 4:33 pm   By: brittany.corners

Whether you are new to writing for CrowdSource or a seasoned pro, using Turker Nation can enhance your experience by providing an invaluable resource that allows you to communicate with, ask questions of and get to know or complain to other CS workers, and other general turkers.

What is it?

Turker Nation is a forum created by turkers for turkers. It has forum threads for general turking questions, but the best part about it is the threads for individual requestors, such as CrowdSource. The CrowdSource forum threads are contained within the Requestor Boardroom section of Turker Nation.

How does it help you?

Within the threads for CS, you can ask questions about grammar, specific writing tasks and much more. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to learn from others or help someone else with specific writing tasks. It also creates a platform where you can send a private message to one of the CS staff. Sammie, Suzanne, Shea and Shannon (add a CS at the end of their names for their respective Turker Nation IDs) can provide answers to the questions you may have regarding submitted work, feedback you received or a problem with your CS account. These ladies also participate in the general CS thread addressing issues, providing additional information and answering questions.

How do you sign up?

To sign up for Turker Nation, you simply go the website (www.TurkerNation.com), and click on “Register.” Fill out your information, and wait for approval. The volunteers who run Turker Nation approve new members twice per day, so stay patient while waiting for approval. It is also important to make sure your password for Turker Nation is different from your mTurk password, so keep this in mind when you are registering.

What is important to know?

There are several things that are important to know when you are starting out at Turker Nation. First, you are not immediately granted access to the Requestor Boardroom, which includes the CS threads. You must first make a certain number of posts in the general forum threads, AND a period of one week must pass before you have access to the good stuff. It is a good idea to read the Rules thread and the Guide for New Members of Turker Nation and Those Thinking of Signing Up thread – both of these give you the lay of the land and let you know what behaviors are acceptable and what ones are not.

Now, you have the lowdown on Turker Nation. If you are not already a member, signing up gives you a powerful resource for your CS writing. Not only can you learn new things, stay on top of CS news and express your thoughts and opinions, good or bad, you can also get to know and socialize with other CS workers. Just remember to always treat your access to Turker Nation as the privilege it is!