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Posted: January 9th, 2014, 5:29 pm   By: brittany.corners

There are a few things that are overused by some writers in writing e-commerce style paragraphs, sometimes in articles as well. Referring to “here” within the content of writing product or brand information multiple times and using too many exclamation points.

Find it right “here”

It is okay to refer to “here” once in any product description or article, but only once. In most cases, it is possible to use alternative phrasing to avoid using it at all. The reason for only using it once is that with any word or phrase, repetition of the same word, words or phrase makes for pretty boring copy.

Here are a few examples of alternative phrasing to replace “here” and provide a variation in word choices:

This collection offers…

Housed in this collection…

In this selection, you can find…

These are just a few examples of alternate phrasing to avoid using “here” too many times; there are many other more descriptive ways to say “you can find it right here” or “here, you can find.” Variety in words and phrases is the spice that makes engaging, interesting copy that sells products – the goal of any well-written product description.

Sounding TOO excited!

While referring to “here” too many times produces boring copy, it is also possible to produce copy that is TOO exciting when too many exclamation points are used. This punctuation shows excitement. In fact, it is often referred to as a screamer, startler or gasper. Only one exclamation point should appear in any e-commerce paragraph or article. Using more than one comes across as spammy and overselling.

It is important to choose the right punctuation to set the right tone. Exclamation points convey strong feelings or very excited shouting. Because of this, it is important for writers to remember that there is not a product or brand on the planet that warrants the use of multiple exclamation points, especially one following every sentence.

An exclamation point is well used to emphasize a very strong point about a product. The use of one is not appropriate for most products – it is hard to get that excited about computer motherboards for example. There are instances where one is appropriate, but as a general rule, exclamation points should stay limited to one per writing HIT.

By avoiding the overuse of “here” and exclamation points, any writer is well on the way to writing more engaging and interesting copy.