Effective Time Management to Maximize Your Earnings

Posted: January 7th, 2014, 3:03 pm   By: brittany.corners

As a freelance writer for CrowdSource, your earnings are limited only by what you put into your work. The best thing you can do to maximize your earnings is to embrace effective time management. As a writer, your biggest asset is time. The more time you set aside to write, the more your earnings grow as a result. Writing ability aside, the ability to effectively manage your time is a skill with the potential to make your earnings go from middle of the road to beyond your expectations. Follow these tips for effective time management to maximize your earnings through CrowdSource on mturk.

Create a work environment within your home

While it is unlikely you can create an “office” space outside your home, establishing an area within your home that is designated as your workspace is crucial to effectively manage your time. The best option is a room that functions as an office, preferably one with a door. However, if this is not possible, sectioning off the area where you work with curtains or a Chinese screen works wonders to keep your time management skills in tip-top shape.

Dress for work

With a designated work space created, you can focus on your clothing. If you are like many writers, you probably think the ability to work in your pajamas is the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly; however, dressing as though you were actually heading into the office puts you in the right frame of mind and helps to keep you focused on your work. This focus translates into better use of your time.

Arrive to “work” on time

Dressed for “work,” you should arrive at the your “office” at relatively the same time every day. Without a commute to a physical job, you can relax a bit longer before diving in for the day. The best part is that CrowdSource provides work at various times of the day, so establish a set of hours that work best for you. Consistently working within these hours is sure to have you pumping out content quickly and in a timely manner. Establishing hours of work also goes a long way toward ensuring your sanity.

Track your time

You want to maximize the time you set aside to write to maximize the amount of money you earn. The structure of work from CrowdSource via mturk makes it easy to track your time. If you can complete six 100-word e-commerce paragraphs in one hour, grab them at once. Make sure to look at the time remaining before you submit the last HIT. Keep track of your improvement over a long period of time. Also, a great way to track your time and measure the amount of work you can complete in a certain amount of time is to work steadily for a set amount of time, such as one hour, and then take a break for 10 minutes. Over time, you should see an improvement on the volume of work you can complete in the same amount of time.

Avoid multitasking

While multitasking probably serves you well in a variety of other ways, when you freelance, it can prove more harmful than beneficial. Every second you spend on another task like checking email, catching a few minutes of the news or chatting it up with a friend on the phone translates into less production and fewer earnings. If you are effectively managing your time, you are sure to have plenty of time to do those things that are a distraction to your work once you have finished for the day.

These tips are just a few of the things you can do to maximize your time management to ensure you enjoy high earnings as a result of your hard work. It is also important to remove distractions, to take adequate breaks, including a good lunch break that includes socializing, and to take good care of yourself. All of these things help develop your skill set that revolves around effective time management. Following these tips is sure to result in earnings higher than you thought possible.