The Art of the FAQs Article

Posted: December 31st, 2013, 9:00 am   By: brittany.corners

If you find yourself struggling with how to construct a FAQs article, receive editor feedback pointing out things you did wrong or are tackling one for the first time, it is important to ensure you construct one in the correct way. This means writing an introduction paragraph and formulating questions someone interested in the topic your article addresses may have. Rather than explain how to write the actual questions within an article framework, this post provides an example FAQs article.

Article Title: FAQs about Writing FAQs Articles

Writing a great FAQs article is an art. The purpose of this article type is to anticipate questions a reader may have, ask the questions and provide answers to them. Whether you are writing one for the first time or the 20th, keep reading to find answers to FAQs about writing a FAQs article.

Q: Is research necessary prior to writing the article?

Yes. You must usually conduct at least a little research. An exception is when you are extremely knowledgeable about the given topic.

Q: What is the best way to introduce the subject?

Introduce the topic in a brief intro paragraph in a way that leaves the door open for a variety of readers to relate to the topic the FAQs address. Avoid answering the questions within the intro, and try to provide a reason or two as to how the questions can help your readers.

Q: Is a transition from the intro to the FAQs necessary?

Yes. Introduce the FAQs with one sentence at the end of your intro paragraph to facilitate a smooth transition.

Q: What is a good length for questions?

Questions should stay as brief as possible. Avoid creating a hypothetical situation that is stated first and then followed by the question.

Q: How are the actual questions formatted?

You can format your questions with a direct address (using you within them) or with a general address. All the questions in this sample article use a general address.

Q: Is it okay to use first person pronouns in the questions?

No. First person pronouns are never used when writing for CrowdSource. This holds true in FAQs as well, so do not use ā€œIā€ within the questions.

Q: Should the questions have punctuation?

Yes. All your FAQs should appear in sentence case and end with a question mark.

Q: What is a good number of FAQs to provide?

It is a good practice to provide at least three questions. How many you provide is entirely at your discretion. The more questions you can provide the better, as this gives your readers more information.

Q: Is it necessary to write long answers for each question?

No. In fact, your questions should stay a mix of very short, to short answers to provide the maximum amount of information and number of questions.

Q: Is it necessary to write a conclusion?

No, it is not necessary to write a conclusion for a FAQs article.