Focus, Focus, Focus

Posted: December 19th, 2013, 11:51 pm   By: brittany.corners

Whatever type of HIT for which you are writing content, it is of the utmost importance to maintain the focus on any provided keyword, page subject or site topic. Content that is unfocused is usually confusing to readers and, in most cases, irrelevant to the page or product.

How do you know what is and is not relevant? The easiest way to keep your content focused is to carefully read instructions, keywords and page subjects/site topics. Here is what to consider for the most common types of HITs from CrowdSource:

  1. 100-word, e-commerce paragraphs – The focus on these should stay on the primary keyword. Although you must choose one additional keyword and mention it in a way that flows with the primary one without stealing the show (for a great blog post on using secondary keywords, click here). Page subject is also provided. If the page subject is brands, the focus of the paragraph should stay on the benefits of the brand, examples of products or lines available or how the brand is used; this means avoid writing 100 words about the history of the company.
  2. Articles and guides – Most articles do not require a specific keyword phrase, but staying on topic is important in these as well. If the subject is how to build a home bar, you do not want to write about all the great places where one is purchased or how to choose the right brand. Page subject is equally important on these tasks as the it can influence the direction in which you take the topic.
  3. Intro/outro paragraphs – Look at BOTH the page subject and the site topic. If the page subject is “types” and the page topic is “beers,” you do not want to write a 75 word paragraph entirely about Miller Lite. It is okay to mention brands, but when the page subject is types, the content should stay focused on ales, lagers, beer of spontaneous fermentation and beers of mixed origin. You could give examples of brands in the different types if you wish.

Staying focused while providing excellent content is just one of the many facets in writing well for and receiving bonuses from CrowdSource. Before you start writing, researching and formulating your paragraphs, guides and articles, take all the information you are provided and ask yourself if you are staying on topic or if you are straying into unfocused territory.